The Frontside Podcast

by Charles Lowell & the Frontside Team

It's like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.

99 Episodes

099: Funcadelic with Taras Mankovski

In this episode, Taras and Charles talk about a project that they work on together: Funcadelic - a Functional Programming and Category Theory for Everyday JavaScript Development.

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12 April 2018 • 43 minutes

096: Outside-In Development

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21 February 2018 • 33 minutes

095: Connected Coffee with Kevin Nater and Chas Studor of Briggo

In this episode, we talk to Kevin Nater and Chas Studor about "Connected Coffee".

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1 February 2018 • 32 minutes

090: Big Testing in JavaScript

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30 November 2017 • 35 minutes