The Cloudcast (.net) - Weekly Cloud Computing Podcast

by Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely

Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely host this award-winning weekly podcast to discuss the technology and organizational changes that are driving the convergence of today's Data Centers and Cloud Computing. Topics include Cloud Computing | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | AppDev | SaaS | IoT. Guests are industry thought-leaders and leaders of companies changing the IT industry.

355 Episodes

The Cloudcast #317 - The State of the Serverless Ecosystem

Brian talks with Ryan Brown (@ryan_sb, Sr. Software Engineer @Ansible, Author of ServerlessCode) about the overall state of the Serverless community after the recent ServerlessConf 2017 NYC, the breadth of focus areas for developers and business, the ways to integrate serverless into existing applic...

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20 October 2017 • 38 minutes

The Cloudcast #316 - Automating to Improve Cloud Spending

Brian talks with Jay Chapel (@parkmycloudjay, Co-Founder/CEO of ParkMyCloud) about the complexity of cloud pricing models, how IT and DevOps teams view spending differently, how to integrate monitoring and automation, and who is critical to making buying decisions in the cloud.

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12 October 2017 • 26 minutes

The Cloudcast #315 - How Newbies are Learning Today

Brian talks with Tanya Selvog (@AWSNewbie, Jr. Web-Developer, Full-Stack Developer in training) about how new(er) engineers are learning skills, engaging with learning communities, and adapting to a changing job market for software developers.

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5 October 2017 • 22 minutes

The Cloudcast #314 - Managing the Container Herd

Aaron talks with Shannon Williams (@smw355, Co-Founder Rancher Labs) about the state of the container ecosystem, the evolution of Rancher, and the explosive growth of Kubernetes.

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28 September 2017 • 27 minutes

The Cloudcast #312 - Istio Routing & Load-Balancing

Brian talks with Jason McGee (@jrmcgee, VP & CTO IBM Cloud) about the origin of the Istio project, the challenges of large project teams, how Istio helps application teams, and the evolution of cloud-native application frameworks on Kubernetes. Show Links: Istio Framework Istio on GitHub...

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14 September 2017 • 21 minutes

The Cloudcast #311 - Google Cloud & Kubernetes

Brian talks with Chen Goldberg (@GoldbergChen, Director of Engineering, Container Engine & Kubernetes) and Mark Mandel (@Neurotic, Developer Advocate, Co-Host Google Cloud Platform podcast) at Google.about the state of Kubernetes maturity, how Google manages cloud services and open-source projects,...

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7 September 2017 • 28 minutes

The Cloudcast #310 - The Mid-Year 2017 Update

Aaron and Brian talk about the new partnership with A Cloud Guru, as well as a 2017 Mid-Year update around all things cloud - VMworld ecosystem, Serverless Ecosystem, Kubernetes for All, etc.. Show Links: [Podcast] @PodCTL - Containers | Kubernetes -  RSS Feed, iTunes, Google Play, Sti...

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1 September 2017 • 37 minutes

The Cloudcast #309 - Secrets Management for Microservices

Brian talks with Seth Vargo (@sethvargo, Director of Technical Advocacy @HashiCorp) about the evolving security footprint of modern applications, the increasing needs for secrets management with microservices, the challenges of managing encryption, how to maintain highly available environments, and...

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30 August 2017 • 30 minutes

The Cloudcast #308 - Can VMware cross the Cloud chasm?

Brian talks with Keith Townsend (@ctoadvisor, The CTO Advisor) and Stu Miniman (@stu, Wikibon | theCUBE) about the upcoming VMworld 2017 event, VMware’s relevance in a cloud-centric world, the Dell merger 2yrs later and the advice they would give Michael Dell or Pat Gelsinger. Show Links: [The...

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25 August 2017 • 39 minutes