The Cloudcast (.net) - Weekly Cloud Computing Podcast

by Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely

Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely host this award-winning weekly podcast to discuss the technology and organizational changes that are driving the convergence of today's Data Centers and Cloud Computing. Topics include Cloud Computing | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | AppDev | SaaS | IoT. Guests are industry thought-leaders and leaders of companies changing the IT industry.

372 Episodes

The Cloudcast #334 - The Future of Edge Computing

Brian talks with Derek Collison (@derekcollison, Founder and CEO at Synadia Communications) about the future of edge computing, the impact of AI/ML on edge systems, and how Telcos and open source communities will evolve with edge computing opportunities.

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15 February 2018 • 33 minutes

The Cloudcast #333 - Infrastructure 3.0 for AI and ML

Aaron and Brian talk with Lenny Pruss (@lennypruss, Partner at Amplify Partners) about the evolution of application and infrastructure architectures, how AI/ML are radically changing how applications are designed, the new inputs to application systems, and how VCs are investing in companies that can...

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8 February 2018 • 31 minutes

The Cloudcast #332 - A Cloud Perspective from Israel

Brian talks with Ariel Munafo (@ArielMunafo, TotusCloud) and Amit Dunsky (@amit_dunsky, high-T Cloud Computing), co-hosts of the CloudTalk Podcast about the Cloud Computing market in Israel. This is a co-branded show and will also be published on CloudTalk podcast channel.

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2 February 2018 • 41 minutes

The Cloudcast #331 - Has SRE replaced DevOps?

Aaron and Brian talk with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle, CEO @rackngo; Kubernetes Cluster Ops Co-Chair) about the consistency, continuum and confusion between the concepts of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

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25 January 2018 • 39 minutes

The Cloudcast #330 - Oracle’s Next-Generation Cloud IaaS

Brian talks with Clay Magouyrk (@cmagoyrk, Vice President at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) about the architecture of the Oracle cloud, how it manages bare-metal VMs and containers, how Oracle integrates on-premises and cloud workloads, and how it integrates with PaaS and SaaS services.

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18 January 2018 • 34 minutes

The Cloudcast #329 - Tech Trade Shows in 2018

Aaron and Brian attend a lot of technology events throughout the year. They give their suggestions to trade show organizers and attendees for getting the most of out 2018 events.

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11 January 2018 • 32 minutes

The Cloudcast #328 - Creating a Tech Podcast

Aaron and Brian give some tips and suggestions for anyone wanting to start a tech podcast.

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4 January 2018 • 36 minutes

The Cloudcast #327 - 2017 in Review & 2018 Predictions

Aaron and Brian have many, many, many thoughts on the tech that shaped 2017, and make some predictions about 2018 and beyond.

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27 December 2017 • 58 minutes

The Cloudcast #326 - The 10 Biggest Stories of the Year

Aaron and Brian talk about the biggest news stories and trends that happened in 2017.

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23 December 2017 • 48 minutes

The Cloudcast #325 - The Next Step in Development Automation

Aaron and Brian talk with Rod Johnson (@springrod, Co-Founder & CEO @atomist) about the evolution of development frameworks, developer productivity, the Spring community, and how Atomist is helping simplify the experience of developers interacting with containers and Kubernetes and microservices.

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15 December 2017 • 22 minutes