Talk Python To Me - Python conversations for passionate developers

by Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy)

Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics (e.g. MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps).The format is a casual 45 minute conversation with industry experts.

135 Episodes

#134 Python in Climate Science

What is the biggest challenge facing human civilization right now? Fake news, poverty, hunger? Yes, all of those are huge problems right now. Well, if climate change kicks in, you can bet it will amplify these problems and more. That's why it's critical that we get answers and fundamental models to...

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19 October 2017 • 52 minutes

#133 Productivity for developers

This episode is all about developer productivity. From continuous learning, to git source control tips, to tools and books for developers, Jay Miller from the Productivity in Tech podcast is here to share his experiences.

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11 October 2017 • 1 hour, 4 minutes

#132 Contributing to open source

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4 October 2017 • 1 hour, 4 minutes

#131 Top 10 machine learning libraries

Data science has been one of the major driving forces behind the explosion of Python in recent years. It's now used for AI research, controls some of the most powerful telescopes in the world, tracks crop growth and prediction and so much more.

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26 September 2017 • 53 minutes

#130 10 books Python developers should be reading

One of the hallmarks of successful developers is continuous learning. The best developers I know don't just keep learning, it's one of the things that drives them. That's why I'm excited to bring you this episode on 10 books Python developers should read.

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19 September 2017 • 51 minutes

#129 Falcon: The bare-metal Python web framework

Full featured web frameworks such as Django are great. But sometimes, living closer to the network layer is just the thing you need.

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14 September 2017 • 59 minutes

#128 Pythonic Networks with NAPALM

When you think of networks, you probably think of physic things: Routers, switches, firewalls, and more. But increasingly, network engineers are managing massive networks that are better managed with software than via admin applications.

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7 September 2017 • 56 minutes

#127 Shipping software to users

To make software useful, honestly, to even make it real, you have to ship it. Building a web app? Then deploy that next version. Building a toolset for data scientists? Send them that application. Managed to get a cool GUI going in Python with Togo or PySide? Time to have your users start downloadin...

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31 August 2017 • 1 hour, 15 minutes

#126 Kubernetes for Pythonistas

Containers are revolutionizing the way we deploy and manage applications. These containers allow us to build, develop, test, and even deploy on the exact same system. We can build layered systems that fill in our dependencies. They even can play a crucial role in zero-downtime upgrades. This is g...

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22 August 2017 • 59 minutes

#125 Django REST framework and a new API star is born

APIs were once the new and enabling thing in technology. Today they are table-stakes. And getting them right is important. Today we'll talk about one of the most popular and mature API frameworks in Django REST Framework. You'll meet the creator, Tom Christie and talk about the framework, API design...

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15 August 2017 • 1 hour, 7 minutes