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Healthcare Engineering with Isaac Councill

Healthcare is a complex business. Oscar is a company that wanted to build a new insurance provider–but realized that healthcare is so interconnected that in order to build a new insurance provider, realized it actually needed to build an entire healthcare business too, complete with patient manageme...

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23 May 2017 • 55 minutes

Microservices Transition with Cassandra Shum

Many companies are transitioning from a monolith to microservices architecture. Tools for cloud computing, containerization, and continuous delivery are making this easier. But there are still technological and organizational challenges that a company will encounter while making this transition. Cas...

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22 May 2017 • 49 minutes

Cloud Native Projects with Dan Kohn

Cloud computing changed how we develop applications for the web. Over the last decade, engineers have been learning how to build software in this new paradigm. The costs have gone down, but our nodes can fail at any time. We no longer have to manage individual servers, but the layers of virtualizati...

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19 May 2017 • 1 hour

Oil and Gas Data with Evan Anderson

Public data is not always so accessible. It is nice when you can request data simply by making an API call, but that is the exception rather than the rule–especially when we are talking about data managed by the government. Oil and gas drilling data falls into this category. Oseberg is a company tha...

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18 May 2017 • 46 minutes

Firebase with Doug Stevenson

Firebase is a backend-as-a-service. The key efficiency of a backend-as-a-service is that it enables developers to go from having a 3-tier architecture (client, server, database) to a 2-tier architecture (client, backend-as-a-service). The team who started Firebase built it as a pivot. They had start...

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17 May 2017 • 52 minutes

Digital Ownership with Chris Groskopf

When you purchase an ebook you must agree to the Terms of Service that tell you what you can do with it. What is actually in that terms of service? What are you agreeing to when you buy an ebook? The answers might surprise you. In this episode, Srini Kadamati interviews Chris Groskopf  on how the ri...

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16 May 2017 • 46 minutes

Artsy with Daniel Doubrovkine

Artsy is an online art marketplace. This might sound like a simple engineering problem–you just set up a basic ecommerce site, list some pieces of art, and start making money, right? The art world is complicated. There are four major pillars: patrons, art fairs, galleries, and auctions. Bringing the...

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15 May 2017 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Poker Artificial Intelligence with Noam Brown

Humans have now been defeated by computers at heads up no-limit holdem poker. Some people thought this wouldn’t be possible. Sure, we can teach a computer to beat a human at Go or Chess. Those games have a smaller decision space. There is no hidden information. There is no bluffing. Poker must be di...

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12 May 2017 • 55 minutes

Tech in the Middle East with Chris Shroeder

Many countries in the developing world are undergoing a technological revolution which is shaping how they tackle problems around infrastructure, health, education and finance. Young people are at the forefront of developing solutions to the problems in the developing world. These young people creat...

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11 May 2017 • 1 hour, 5 minutes

Convolutional Neural Networks with Matt Zeiler

Convolutional neural networks are a machine learning tool that uses layers of convolution and pooling to process and classify inputs. CNNs are useful for identifying objects in images and video. In this episode, we focus on the application of convolutional neural networks to image and video recognit...

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10 May 2017 • 54 minutes