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Error Diagnosis with James Smith

When a user experiences an error in an application, the engineers who are building that application need to find out why that error occurred. The root cause of that error may be on the user’s device, or within a piece of server-side logic, or hidden behind a black box API. To fix a complex error, we...

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18 August 2017 • 58 minutes

GatsbyJS with Kyle Mathews

GatsbyJS is a framework for building web applications for JavaScript. Gatsby’s original goal was to allow users to create super fast static web sites that could be hosted and served efficiently at a low cost. Most web pages have components from a framework like React or Angular that need to render a...

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17 August 2017 • 57 minutes

Building Developer Communities with Juan Pablo Buriticá

Building and nurturing a developer community is hard work but it is vital for the growth of a country’s technology ecosystem. When communities coalesce around programming languages, tools or programming methods, what follows is a network of conferences, meet ups and other similar events. Juan Pablo...

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16 August 2017 • 1 hour, 4 minutes

QA Testing with Jonathan Alexander

Quality assurance testing is a form of testing that closely mirrors user behavior. Sometimes it is manual, sometimes it is automated. Automated QA tests are scripts that validate correct data representation as the application mechanically runs through high-level workflows–like a login page. Manual Q...

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15 August 2017 • 52 minutes

Open Compute Project with Steve Helvie

Facebook was rapidly outgrowing its infrastructure in 2009. Classic data center design was not up to the task of the rapid influx of new users and data, photos and streaming video hitting Facebook’s servers. A small team of engineers spent the next two years designing a data center from the ground u...

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14 August 2017 • 59 minutes

TypeScript at Slack with Felix Rieseberg

Slack is an application for team communication. Users chat across mobile devices, web browsers, and a desktop application, which means Slack has three places to deploy on rather than two. And the desktop apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux are not identical, so Slack has even more places to deploy. With...

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11 August 2017 • 57 minutes

Lottie Animation with Brandon Withrow and Gabriel Peal

Animations make an application more fun and engaging. For most apps, animation is an afterthought. Developers are concerned with getting the functionality right, and designers have enough work to do simply getting icons, text formatting, and page layout correct. There is also the issue of cross-devi...

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10 August 2017 • 1 hour

State of JavaScript with Sacha Greif

JavaScript is moving so fast. It’s not easy to keep up with all of the frameworks, build tools, and packages. No other language spans frontend to backend, mobile to web to server. Sacha Greif is an independent designer and developer most prominent in his roles as co-author of Discover Meteor and com...

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9 August 2017 • 55 minutes

IoT Overview with Jeremy Foster

The Internet of Things is the concept that traditionally analog objects, like thermostats and lightbulbs, can be given digital guts and connected to the internet to create more value for users. From Nest thermostats to Phillips Hue lightbulbs, these connected things are starting to enter the mainstr...

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8 August 2017 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Serverless Continuous Delivery with Robin Weston

Serverless computing reduces the cost of using the cloud. Serverless also makes it easy to scale applications. The downside: building serverless apps requires some mindset shift. Serverless functions are deployed to transient units of computation that are spun up on demand. This is in contrast to th...

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7 August 2017 • 1 hour, 2 minutes