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React Stack with G2i Team

Most new frontend webapps today use ReactJS. An increasing number of mobile apps are created using the cross-platform components of React Native. GraphQL, Facebook’s open source data-fetching middleware tool is being used by more and more companies, who are finding that it simplifies their developme...

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19 April 2018 • 1 hour, 2 minutes

SafeGraph with Auren Hoffman

Machine learning tools are rapidly maturing. TensorFlow gave developers an open source version of Google’s internal machine learning framework. Cloud computing provides a cost effective, accessible way of training models. Edge computing allows for low latency deployments of models. But even if you a...

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18 April 2018 • 1 hour, 9 minutes

Talking Bitcoin with Adam B. Levine

Let’s Talk Bitcoin is one of the most popular podcasts about cryptocurrencies. Adam B. Levine started it after three other podcasts he started did not get the traction he had hoped for. Adam parlayed the success of Let’s Talk Bitcoin into a network of podcasts–the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network–which al...

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17 April 2018 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Monitoring Kubernetes with Ilan Rabinovitch

Monitoring a Kubernetes cluster allows operators to track the resource utilization of the containers within that cluster. In today’s episode, Ilan Rabinovitch joins the show to explore the different options for setting up monitoring, and some common design patterns around Kubernetes logging and metr...

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16 April 2018 • 50 minutes

Unchained with Laura Shin

Laura Shin is the host of Unchained, a podcast about cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology. For every episode, Laura does significant research and preparation, so the content turns out polished and high quality. Her enthusiasm for the subject of cryptocurrencies comes through in her reportin...

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13 April 2018 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Mastodon: Federated Social Network with Eugen Rochko

Social networks can make you feel connected to a global society. But those social networks are controlled by a corporate entity. The profit motivations of the corporation are not directly aligned with the experience of the users. Mastodon is an open source, decentralized social network. Eugen Rochko...

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12 April 2018 • 1 hour

Go Systems with Erik St. Martin

Go is a language designed to improve systems programming. Go includes abstractions that simplify aspects of low level engineering that are historically difficult—concurrency, resource allocation, and dependency management. In that light, it makes sense that the Kubernetes container orchestration sys...

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11 April 2018 • 57 minutes

Database Chaos with Tammy Butow

Tammy Butow has worked at Digital Ocean and Dropbox, where she built out infrastructure and managed engineering teams. At both of these companies, the customer base was at a massive scale. At Dropbox, Tammy worked on the database that holds metadata used by Dropbox users to access their files. To ca...

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10 April 2018 • 59 minutes

Site Reliability Management with Mike Hiraga

Software engineers have interacted with operations teams since software was being written. In the 1990s, most operations teams worked with physical infrastructure. They made sure that servers were provisioned correctly and installed with the proper software. When software engineers shipped bad code...

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9 April 2018 • 47 minutes

IPFS Design with David Dias

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized global, peer-to-peer file system. IPFS combines ideas from BitTorrent, Git, and Bitcoin, creating a new way to store and access objects across the Internet. When you access an object on almost any website, you are accessing the object via a lo...

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6 April 2018 • 1 hour