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Linux Kernel Governance with Greg Kroah-Hartman

The code in the Linux kernel changes all the time–11k lines are added, 5.8k lines are removed, and 2k lines are modified DAILY. Linux is an open source operating system that has been worked on for 25 years, and one reason the project is able to move so fast is its governance and release structure. G...

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28 June 2017 • 57 minutes

Istio Service Mesh with Varun Talwar and Louis Ryan

Modern software applications are often built out of loosely coupled microservices. These services can be written in different languages, by different people, but communication between services needs to be standardized. For this reason, a service proxy is useful. A service proxy is a sidecar containe...

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27 June 2017 • 48 minutes

Service Mesh with William Morgan

Containers make it easier for engineers to deploy software. Orchestration systems like Kubernetes make it easier to manage and scale the different containers that contain services. The popular container infrastructure powered by Kubernetes is often called “cloud native.” On Software Engineering Dail...

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26 June 2017 • 59 minutes

Search Engine Land with Danny Sullivan

Search engines run our lives. The path we take to information is dictated by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other forms of search. Search engines feel objective and truthful, but are built through ongoing experimentation and subjective decision making. That’s what has kept Danny Sullivan writing abou...

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23 June 2017 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Hackathons with Lizette Chapman

Professional hackathon programmers travel around the hackathon circuit, winning merchandise and small cash prizes. There are enough hackathons that some programmers actually do this as a full-time job. For example, Peter Ma, a programmer who describes himself as a “rapid prototype specialist.” Peter...

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22 June 2017 • 57 minutes

Episode 500 with Pranay Mohan and Erika Hokanson

Software Engineering Daily has been around for almost two years. In this episode Pranay Mohan and Erika Hokanson join me for a reflection on where we have been and where we are going. Pranay was the producer of Software Engineering Daily for the first year, after which he left and went to work at Sn...

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21 June 2017 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Software Architecture with Simon Brown

Software architecture address the challenge of communicating and navigating large, complex systems to stakeholders, both technical and non-technical.  Over the years software architecture has gone in and out of fashion.  Today we discuss why software architecture is important, what it means to have...

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20 June 2017 • 44 minutes

IoT Edge with Olivier Bloch

A self-driving car needs to be able to quickly respond to changes in driving conditions. A factory needs to be able to quickly respond to changes in workplace safety. For these kinds of applications, we need processing power closer to the user of the application. If we put all of our application log...

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19 June 2017 • 57 minutes

Google Early Days with John Looney

John Looney spent more than 10 years at Google. He started with infrastructure, and was part of the team that migrated Google File System to Colossus, the successor to GFS. Imagine migrating every piece of data on Google from one distributed file system to another. In this episode, John sheds light...

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16 June 2017 • 1 hour, 11 minutes

Data Teams with Rya Sciban

A data-driven organization is more efficient because the company can learn what to focus on. In this episode, Edaena Salinas from The Women in Tech Show interviews Rya Sciban, Product Manager at Periscope Data, who explains the needs of data teams in an organization. We talked about what data analys...

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15 June 2017 • 36 minutes