by Raquel Vélez, Kahlil Lechelt & Henning Glatter-Götz

Three friends talk about tech, culture and software development.

95 Episodes

94: There Are So Many Channels In The Slack Slack

We're back and talk about Raquel working at Slack, Henning and the hackathon, blockchain, Kahlil's new Electron app and Bootstrap 4.

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23 January 2018 • 49 minutes

93: Why Not Put Everything In The JavaScript?

Raquel is off because she just started her new job. Kahlil and Henning discuss overfeatured apps, "portals", Kahlil's job changing news and Web Components for building apps.

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20 December 2017 • 49 minutes

92: I Want Your Ideas, Give Me Your Ideas!

Raquel signed up for Amazon Prime. A Japanese man makes paintings with Excel. Henning is wrestling with code reviews. Somebody tweeted you need a CS degree to program. The flying squirrel is the animal of the day!

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7 December 2017 • 56 minutes

91: Alright Kid, I'm Going To Teach You Basic!

Kahlil is out but Henning and Raquel chop it up and talk about Raquel's staycation, about Henning dealing with Black Friday traffic and how kids can learn how to code.

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1 December 2017 • 46 minutes

90: npm Will Be Giving All Of Their Public Packages Away FOR FREE!!!

Raquel has BIG news. Kahlil did more performing. Henning is working too much because Black Friday. Raquel had a viral tweet. Firefox Quantum is out. Kahlil is still obsessing about Web Components and the CMD-R workflow.

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20 November 2017 • 59 minutes

89: Compose Those Components

Henning is out hosting Possums. Raquel and Kahlil wonder about US politics. Kahlil thinks Web Components are exciting. Screenhero is now in Slack. ES Modules in Chrome work!

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8 November 2017 • 44 minutes

88: I Have To Get On The Phone With The Racoon

Raquel has been kidnapped by a Racoon. Kahlil is back at work. Henning needs a testing framework for APIs. Should applicants have to do a test? Kahlil is back in Nested Loops meetings. Kahlil is watching Mindhunter.

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27 October 2017 • 41 minutes

87: It Didn't Make Sense When I First Heard About It

Hiring is still hard. Henning is building APIs with AWS Lambda. We have a new logo.

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23 October 2017 • 53 minutes

86: Little Fluffy Fluffballs Of Chaos

Panda facts because of a Henning no-show. Kahlil was in Croatia. React is now MIT. npm 2-factor auth, TURN IT ON! China unblocked Twitter is testing 280 characters. Anonymous hiring with Web Components are taking off. Python is the fastest growing programming language because ma...

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12 October 2017 • 49 minutes

85: I'm In Awe That It Works As Well As It Does

Sea Urchin facts. Henning tells tales of the hurricane. npm released two-factor authentication. Henning has SAAS issues. is cool.

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6 October 2017 • 57 minutes