by Raquel Vélez, Kahlil Lechelt & Henning Glatter-Götz

A podcast in which we merge, filter, scan and map streams of thoughts and talk about software engineering (often JavaScript or PHP related), culture, and technology.

75 Episodes

74: An Entire System In One Person's Head

Kahlil is out rehearsing. Henning and Raquel are back! They talk rolling out humongous projects, single maintainer projects. There is also some news about Uber, some science stuff and self driving cars in this episode.

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22 June 2017 • 48 minutes

73: Special Community Edition II With Guests Alexander Plavinski and Matthew Setter

Raquel and Henning are out doing important things. Kahlil took the opportunity and asked who wanted to stand in for them from the Reactive community. Meet @cilice and @settermjd from the Reactive Slack chat (join via the link below)!

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14 June 2017 • 1 hour, 12 minutes

72: My Understanding Of The Internet Was Like Swiss Cheese

We're all back. Capybara is the animal of the week. Rockbot spoke at Web Rebels. Henning and Rockbot talk mentoring by pairing. Apple released things. Elon Musk is being awesome again. Rockbot gets into static site generating.

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9 June 2017 • 54 minutes

71: Special Community Edition With Guest Felix Jung

Rockbot is in Norway webrebelling. Henning has job emergencies. Kahlil decided to ask the Reactive Podcast Community Members™ if anybody would like to help out as a co-host. So meet Felix Jung! Reactive Podcast Community Member™! He talks about how he got to programming, what he does on SumUp and di...

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2 June 2017 • 1 hour, 19 minutes

70: Frameworks Are Becoming Compilers

The band is back together! Henning watched Moana 100 times. Rockbot had a Twitter break and a 10 year college reunion. Kahlil is porting to Preact. preact-cli is out. Tom Dales says Frameworks are becoming compilers. Ben Schwarz makes CalibreApp. CSS-in-JS is a huge thing.

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28 May 2017 • 1 hour

69: What Is This Lockfile Business?

Henning is out battling EvilHenning once again. Snail facts! JSConf EU happened and Kahlil did stuff there. Rockbot will be at WebRebels. npm@5 is coming. Merry 🎄 is a cool tool. @substack rants. Preact is cool.

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18 May 2017 • 58 minutes

68: It's Enough For Me To Know The Gist

Henning is out so we have Mosquito facts! Glitch is a place where you can learn how to dev even. CodePen launched Projects. VPN for Americans. Kahlil shipped tinydraft. Instagram is eating everything.

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20 April 2017 • 1 hour, 2 minutes

67: It Lets You Get In At The 10th Or 15th Floor

You can find out if you have been pwned. LastPass had a breach. The Manager's Path is a cool book. Mastodon is a thing. So is Scuttlebutt. Windows 10 is ugly. There is npm news! Twitter made a PWA. Is Magic™ good or bad?

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16 April 2017 • 1 hour, 9 minutes

66: Our Commits Really Do Matter

Raquel and Henning have Manager Problems™. Kahlil writes bad commit messages. Henning is starting Brown Bag Talks at work. Raquel is kinda obsessed with the iPad Pro. Ember releases Glimmer.js. React is ruling framework-land. Node 6 had an issue. npm launched free Orgs!

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6 April 2017 • 58 minutes

65: The Principle Of Least Astonishment

Animal of the week ... Kea. Raquel is back from nz.js. Wikileaks happened. Uber just can't help it. Lots of JS news from Kahlil: webpack, cycle.js, Rails loves JS, Hoodie.js and Quokka.js. Jenn Schiffer has a new job!

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17 March 2017 • 55 minutes