Partially Derivative

by Partially Derivative

The everyday data of the world around us, hosted by data science super geeks. For the nerdy and nerd curious.

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Data Science Near You

Data science in your community with Data for Democracy

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9 May 2017 • 37 minutes

Fighting Influence Operations with Data Science

Detecting influence operations with data science, and fighting back!

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2 May 2017 • 29 minutes

Should You Get A PhD

This week Chris talks about whether you should get a PhD and talks about his own experience in a Ph.D. program.

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25 April 2017 • 15 minutes

Learning Everything Else

This week Chris talks about learning everything they don't teach you in grad school, bootcamps, or MOOCs.

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18 April 2017 • 31 minutes

Invisible Data Science

This week Vidya and Chris are back to talk about food, magazines, and why notifications are evil.

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11 April 2017 • 38 minutes

Live Free Or Die, Dammit!

In this bonus episode Chris talks to Scott Mantie, STEM professor and Director of New Hampshire's Department of Education on math and statistics education.

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6 April 2017 • 29 minutes

Tweet Heard 'Round The World

This week Vidya and Chris talk about the world of AI and data-driven parenting.

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4 April 2017 • 34 minutes

Learning Machine Learning

An opinionated guide to learning machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

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28 March 2017 • 29 minutes

All Hail Our Robot Bartender Overlords

Robot bartenders! Beer data!

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20 March 2017 • 44 minutes

Badasses Feel Like Imposters

Chris and Vidya talk about their own experiences with imposter syndrome!

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14 March 2017 • 24 minutes