.NET Rocks!

by Carl Franklin

.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.

1536 Episodes

Clean Architecture with Steve Smith

What does it mean to have clean architecture? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Smith about his work on an e-book and template for clean architecture using ASP.NET Core. Steve describes the new tools that make life easier for following clean architectural principals as well as the separation of concern...

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19 April 2018 • 55 minutes

Xamarin Update with Laurent Bugnion

What's new with Xamarin? Carl and Richard talk to Laurent Bugnion, now a Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate, about his latest experiences with the cross-platform mobile development tool. It's been two years since Xamarin joined Microsoft, and a lot has happened - and far more to come. Laurent talks...

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17 April 2018 • 55 minutes

Practical Test Driven Development with John Callaway and Clayton Hunt

Test Driven Development (TDD), good idea in theory, but in practice? Carl and Richard talk to John Callaway and Clayton Hunt about their success with TDD. At it's simplest level, TDD is about writing tests first, before coding. In practice, everything is more complicated than that. Writing testable...

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12 April 2018 • 51 minutes

Desktop Deployment using Squirrel with Paul Betts

How do you do desktop deployment? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Betts about the open source project called Squirrel, which is all about making desktop deployment less painful. As Paul says, like ClickOnce, only doesn't suck! This leads to a discussion about the various installation tools out there a...

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10 April 2018 • 47 minutes

Productivity Tools in VS2017 with Kasey Uhlenhuth

How productive are you with Visual Studio? Carl and Richard chat with Kasey Uhlenhuth about her work making Visual Studio even more productive for developers. The conversation focuses on the huge array of features that Visual Studio has, to support all sorts of different styles of programming. Kasey...

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5 April 2018 • 43 minutes

The Microsoft Business Application Platform with Vishwas Lele

Programming for the Cloud! Carl and Richard talk to Vishwas Lele about the Microsoft Business Application Platform, which organizes the huge suite of tools available in Azure along with PowerApps and PowerBI to create a great place to build applications that run on Windows, iOS and Android. Vishwas...

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3 April 2018 • 50 minutes

Falcon Heavy Geek Out

Falcon Heavy flies! Now what? Time for a Geek Out! Richard talks to Carl about the amazing Falcon Heavy launch - what worked, what didn't and why did it take so darn long to fly? The discussion dives into how the plans for the Heavy evolved, affected by the evolution of the Falcon 9. The impact of t...

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29 March 2018 • 1 hour, 13 minutes

Concurrency in .NET with Riccardo Terrell

How do you do concurrency? Carl and Richard talk to Riccardo Terrell about his new book on concurrency in .NET. More than just ASync and AWait, there are still a ton of concurrency options available in .NET, you just need to know when and where to apply them. The conversation ranges over a bunch of...

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27 March 2018 • 49 minutes

The Ethics of Big Data with Cathy O'Neil

Can Big Data actually hurt society? Carl and Richard talk to Cathy O'Neil about her book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Cathy has been deeply involved with machine learning and big data for decades and has a broad view of both the potential and dangers of the technology. The conversation dives into u...

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22 March 2018 • 59 minutes

Surviving Microservices with Michele Bustamante

Michele is back and surviving microservices! Carl and Richard talk to Michele Bustamante about her work with microservices and the challenges that her customers have. Starting with the normal problems innate to any re-architecting exercise - what is the benefit to the customer? You can't make micros...

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20 March 2018 • 59 minutes