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JSJ 267 Node 8 with Mikeal Rogers, Arunesh Chandra, and Anna Henningsen

JSJ 267 Node 8 with Mikeal Rogers, Arunesh Chandra, and Anna Henningsen On today’s episode of JavaScript Jabber we have panelists Joe Eames, AJ O’Neil, Amiee Knight and Charles Max Wood and we are talking about Node 8. To help us we have special guests Mikeal Rodgers, Arunesh Chandra,...

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27 June 2017 • 52 minutes

JSJ 266 NPM 5.0 with Rebecca Turner

On today’s episode of JavaScript Jabber, Charles Max Wood and panelist Joe Eames chat with Rebecca Turner, tech lead for NPM, a popular Javascript package manager with the worlds largest software registry. Learn about the newly released NPM 5 including a few of the updated features. Stay tuned...

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22 June 2017 • 40 minutes

MJS #022 Corey House

My JS Story Corey House On this Episode we have another JS Story, and this time it’s with Corey House, a Pluralsight author, software architect for Cox Automotive, and a consultant with a focus on React. Listen to Charles Max Wood and Corey discuss a bit about how Corey got into programming,...

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21 June 2017 • 46 minutes

MJS #021 Justin Meyers

My JS Story Justin Meyers On this week’s episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Justin Meyers Co­founder and CEO of Bitovi, a Javascript consulting firm focused on simplifying Javascript development through the use and creation of open source too...

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14 June 2017 • 39 minutes

JSJ 265 Wade Anderson and Ramya Rao on Visual Studio Code

JSJ 265 Wade Anderson and Ramya Rao on Visual Studio Code This episode is live at the Microsoft Build 2017 with Charles Max Wood and AJ O’Neal. We have Wade Anderson and Ramya Rao from the Visual Studio Code Team at Microsoft. Tune in and learn more about what’s new with Visual Studio C...

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13 June 2017 • 47 minutes

MJS #020: Alex Russel

On this week's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Alex Russel. Alex is a software engineer on the Chrome team. He focuses on designing new features and running their standards work. He appeared as a guest on episode 87, where he talked about TC39. Tune in to his story!...

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24 May 2017 • 44 minutes

JSJ 263 Moving from Node.js to .NET and with John-Daniel Trask

This episode features Moving from Node.js to .NET and with John-Daniel Trask. John-Daniel is the Co-founder and CEO of Raygun, a software intelligence platform for web and mobile. He's been programming for many years, and is originally from New Zealand. Tune in and learn what prom...

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23 May 2017 • 45 minutes

MJS #019: Aimee Knight

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood features My JS Story Aimee Knight. Aimee first appeared in episode 153, where talked about her career as a Junior Developer. She eventually became one of the awesome panelists of JavaScript Jabber. Tune in to learn about her...

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17 May 2017 • 40 minutes

JSJ 262 Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools with Jason Laster

Join AJ, Aimee, and Joe as they discuss Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools with Jason Laster. Jason just started working at Mozilla since March. But even before that, he has been working on Chrome's dev tool extension called Marionette. That's when he discovered that the browser is an...

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16 May 2017 • 36 minutes