Full Stack Radio

by Adam Wathan

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

60 Episodes

60: Michelle Bu - Engineering Payments at Stripe

In this episode, Adam talks to Michelle Bu of Stripe about the new Stripe Elements library, Stripe.js v3, and the Sinatra app that powers their API.

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15 March 2017 • 37 minutes

59: Jonathan Reinink - Form Hell Part 2: Complex Validation

In this episode, Adam and Jonathan continue their discussion about forms from episode 54, this time focusing on the complexities of validation.

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24 February 2017 • 47 minutes

58: Noel Rappin - Fixing Common Payment Handling Mistakes

In this episode, I talk to Noel Rappin about common mistakes developers make when handling payments on the web and how to fix them.

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8 February 2017 • 40 minutes

57: Derrick Reimer - Building and Scaling Drip

In this episode, Adam talks to Derrick Reimer about the technical challenges behind building and scaling Drip, a sophisticated email marketing automation platform.

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25 January 2017 • 50 minutes

56: Wes Bos - Getting Things Done and Building Your Own Tools

In this episode, Adam talks to Wes Bos about how he seems to get so much done, why he built his own course platform, and growing an audience.

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5 January 2017 • 41 minutes

55: Ian Landsman - Shady Marketing Tactics That Will Hurt Your Business

In this episode, Adam talks to Ian Landsman about shady marketing tactics that will turn your customers against you, and how to be more authentic with your marketing strategy.

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7 December 2016 • 57 minutes

54: Jonathan Reinink - Forms: The Worst Part of Web Dev

In this episode, Adam talks to Jonathan Reinink about dealing with common headaches when working with everyone's favorite part of web development: forms.

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18 November 2016 • 58 minutes

53: Kyle Fiedler - Design Tips and Tricks for Developers

In this episode, Adam talks to Kyle Fiedler of thoughtbot about common mistakes developers make with design, and some tips and tricks for making your designs look more professional.

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2 November 2016 • 52 minutes

52: Taylor Otwell - Patterns for Simplifying Laravel Applications

In this episode, Adam and Taylor Otwell have a discussion about strategies they use to write cleaner, simpler code when working with the Laravel framework.

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18 October 2016 • 1 hour, 10 minutes

51: Matt Wynne - Building the Right Thing with BDD

In this episode, Adam talks to Matt Wynne about Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber. Topics include: What exactly is BDD? Is BDD a technical or non-technical practice? How do you get started with BDD? How do you keep the number of system tests low to keep your test suite fast? What's your s...

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5 October 2016 • 1 hour, 4 minutes