Failure Injection with Kolton Andrus

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

Servers in a data center fail. Sometimes entire data centers have a power outage. Bugs in an application make it into production. Human operators make mistakes and cause data to be deleted. Failure is unavoidable. We make backups and replicate our servers so that when a failure occurs, we can quickl...

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Published 2 hours ago • Duration: 54 minutes

Why You Should Evaluate How You're Spending Your Mental Energy

from Developer Tea
by Spec

In today's episode, we'll be talking about the importance of a simple step into mental awareness. The first step into mental awareness can change your behavior - that's exactly what we'll talk about in today's episode. Don't forget to sign up for Soft Skills Weekly at!

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Published 4 hours ago • Duration: 10 minutes

125: Angular CLI and things

from The Web Platform Podcast
by Erik Isaksen

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Published 7 hours ago • Duration: 55 minutes

226: Come fly with me

from Ruby on Rails Podcast
by 5by5

On this episode, Brian joins again to talk about the consequences of poor design when it comes to air travel. We talk about dog-fooding, flying away, and how Delta could best spend their money. It's all technology related, I promise.

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Published 10 hours ago • Duration: 34 minutes

Design conventions: innovate or concede

from Bread Time
by Bread Time

When does it make sense to invent new paradigms? When is it appropriate to go with existing patterns?

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Published 10 hours ago • Duration: 20 minutes

SN 605: Google -vs- Symantec

from Security Now (MP3)
by TWiT

This week Steve and Jason discuss... Google's Tavis Ormandy takes a shower, iOS gets a massive feature and security update, a new target for 'Bot money harvesting appears, Microsoft suffers a rather significant user-privacy fail, the UK increases its communications decryption rhetoric, a worrisome...

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Published 10 hours ago • Duration: 2 hours, 32 minutes

Risky Business #449 -- Machine Learning: Woot or woo?

from Risky Business
by Patrick Gray

On this week’s show I’ll be playing part two of my interview with In-Q-Tel’s chief security officer Dan Geer. That’s all about machine learning in infosec. Is it actually going to turn into something? Or is it just another infosec thought bubble? This week’s sponsor i...

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Published 11 hours ago

CSS Grid

from Toolsday
by Una Kravets and Chris Dhanaraj

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Published 13 hours ago • Duration: 22 minutes

E720: Filmed at Cisco Spark Haus, SXSW 2017! Capital Factory Mentor founder Josh Baer on transforming Austin into center of gravity for entrepreneurs, investment successes, failures & greatest misses, core of great angel investing, benefits of crowdfunding, & startup scene on upward curve

from This Week in Startups - Audio

Filmed at Cisco Spark Haus, SXSW 2017, Jason sits down with Capital Factory Mentor founder of Josh Baer, who helps people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs. Josh is a tireless supporter of startups, but more specifically, has made Austin a center of gravity for entrepreneurs. Capital Factory...

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Published 14 hours ago • Duration: 53 minutes

SE-Radio Episode 286: Katie Malone Intro to Machine Learning

from Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers
by SE-Radio Team

Edaena Salinas talks with Katie Malone about Machine Learning. Katie Malone is a Data Scientist in the Research and Development department at Civis Analytics. She has a PhD in Physics from Stanford University, with a background specifically in particle physics. She is an instructor of the Intro to M...

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Published 14 hours ago • Duration: 48 minutes

FLOSS Weekly 427: Anchore

from FLOSS Weekly (MP3)
by TWiT

Anchore provides users with insight and control over the contents of containers from the start of development all the way to production. Developers will have access to thousands of applications ready to run right "off the shelf" and the ability to quickly build and publish their own images. Host...

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Published 16 hours ago • Duration: 57 minutes

123: Upselling

from CodePen Radio
by CodePen Radio

Chris, Tim H., and Marie gather to discuss how we upsell CodePen PRO. We talk about the process of identifying opportunities to upsell, avoiding dark patterns, and new ways of introducing our members to PRO features.

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Published 16 hours ago • Duration: 29 minutes

Episode 89: Selling Out Never Felt So Good

from /dev/hell
by Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler

Chris and Ed decided to push themselves out of their comfort zone and talked to Laravel community superstar Matt Stauffer. We talked about Matt’s experience writing a book for a major publish (with an animal on the cover and everything), asked the question “does consistency in code matt...

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Published 17 hours ago

245: Open Source at Google with Will Norris

from The Changelog
by Changelog Media

Will Norris (Engineering Manager at Google's Open Source office) joined the show to talk about their new release of the Google Open Source website as well as the release of Google's internal documentation on how they do open source. Nearly 70 pages of documentation have been made public under creati...

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Published 18 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes

256: Civic Hacking with Code for Miami

from ShopTalk
by ShopTalk

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Published 19 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes

124: The Tale of State and Behaviour, Part 2 with Scott Wlaschin

from Three Devs and a Maybe
by Michael Budd, Fraser Hart, Lewis Cains, Edd Mann

In this weeks show we follow on from our previous episode’s discussion with Scott Wlaschin. We delve into separating out the client from the behaviour and state, initially highlighting the Batch Command approach. From here, we move on to discuss the Actor Modal, Event Sourcing and Functional Reactiv...

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Published 22 hours ago • Duration: 36 minutes

Episode 24 - Interview with Taylor Otwell

from Free the with Matthew Setter.

In this episode, I talk to Laravel creator, Taylor Otwell, a man who needs no introduction.

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Published 22 hours ago • Duration: 18 minutes

74: All the Other -ends

from Does Not Compute
by Spec

In episode 73 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about taking a brief look at Go, using Nuxt.js in production, and using GitHub Projects to not only help keep you organized, but also to keep your team members in the loop

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 25 minutes

49 - Jungle Jim, I Presume?

from The Distance
by Basecamp

In an industry known for selling commodities at low margins, Jungle Jim's International Market in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio is something else entirely. It's a super-sized grocery store that's also a tourist attraction with animatronic characters, a dedicated events center, and a working mon...

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 14 minutes

82: Quarry Fish

from Immutable
by Spec

In this episode: Spectrum has customers! Sam's display works now.

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 27 minutes

Forge updates, Ubuntu DNS issues, and PhpStorm 2017.1

from Laravel News Podcast
by Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda

Jake and Michael discuss the new Laravel announcements publication, Ubuntu DNS issues, using environment variables in your .env file, and PhpStorm 2017.1

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 34 minutes

From the Corporate Grind to Jewelry Designer with Bethany Wilson of Bela Begonias

from The Laptop Lifestyle
by Alexis Teichmiller

Bethany is the artist, designer, maker and owner behind Bela Begonias. She was born into the Appalachian mountainside of eastern Tennessee, and later immersed in the vibrant culture of Asheville, North Carolina before finding her way to Nashville. Her art is an organic reflection of the mountainous...

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 40 minutes

How to squeeze the most from your images

from Digital Insights
by Paul Boag

The images on your website can be both a curse and a blessing. They can be a compelling part of your content. Yet they can cripple performance, especially in todays multi-device world. It is time to squeeze the most from every image we use.

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 8 minutes

S3E1: Getting Into Tech after a Career in Finance with Ventrice

from Learn to Code With Me
by Laurence Bradford

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 40 minutes