Productized Consulting with guest Jane Portman

from Ditching Hourly
by Jonathan Stark

Jane Portman joins me to talk about her new book, Your Productized Consulting Guide.

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Published 3 hours ago • Duration: 18 minutes

Episode 203 “Hangover and Missing a Kidney”

from Entreprogrammers Podcast
by Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez, Josh Earl

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Published 3 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes

#158: ETL, Part 2

from CodePen Radio
by CodePen Radio

Jake is back on the show, along with Tim, to talk in more detail about how we implemented ETL at CodePen.

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Published 3 hours ago • Duration: 25 minutes

Ballons and double encoding and Bootstrap, Oh Dear!

from Laravel News Podcast
by Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda

Jake and Michael discuss Laracon announcements, new framework features, model caching, and more.

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Published 4 hours ago • Duration: 36 minutes

94: There Are So Many Channels In The Slack Slack

by Raquel Vélez, Kahlil Lechelt & Henning Glatter-Götz

We're back and talk about Raquel working at Slack, Henning and the hackathon, blockchain, Kahlil's new Electron app and Bootstrap 4.

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Published 5 hours ago • Duration: 49 minutes

The Honest Truth About Comparison, with Youtube Star and Content Creator Sarah Belle

from The Laptop Lifestyle with Alexis Teichmiller
by Alexis Teichmiller

If you struggle with comparison or settling for less than you want out of life, this episode will give you the inspiration and motivation to stop letting the comparison game rule your creativity. My girl Sarah brings it in this episode! Sarah Belle Elizabeth is a content creator who started out on...

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Published 6 hours ago • Duration: 42 minutes

110: Focus On The Foundation

from Does Not Compute
by Spec

In episode 110 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about Tacos and Affogatos, UFC 220 and the importance of fundamentals, and about keeping a journal for personal and professional growth.

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Published 6 hours ago • Duration: 42 minutes

S4E13: Pursuing a Career in Machine Learning With CTO Allan Leinwand

from Learn to Code With Me
by Laurence Bradford

Allan Leinwand is the chief technology officer at ServiceNow and is responsible for building and running the ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud. We talk about machine learning, how you can pursue a career in this field, and more.

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Published 7 hours ago • Duration: 36 minutes

Are You Approaching Prototyping All Wrong?

from Digital Insights
by Paul Boag

Too often our prototypes are constrained by politics, legacy technology, and company culture. As a result, nobody gets to see what a good user experience would look like.

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Published 7 hours ago • Duration: 3 minutes

SpeechBoard with Craig Cannon and Ramon Recuero Moreno

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

Creating a podcast is still too difficult. One of the main barriers to entry is the editing process. After recording a podcast, the podcast producer needs to line up soundwaves in a digital audio workstation and clip the raw audio files to remove sections that need to be removed. As someone who has...

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Published 9 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Semil Shah, Haystack

from Origins - A podcast about Limited Partners, created by Notation Capital
by Notation Capital

On this episode of Origins, we sit down with Semil Shah of Haystack, an early-stage venture firm based in SF. Semil has a non-traditional background for VC and has been vocal about the unique way he's building the firm, recently making the transition into an institutionally backed fund. He's an acti...

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Published 10 hours ago • Duration: 45 minutes

How This Social Enterprise Turns Its Customers Into Business Partners

from Shopify Masters
by Shopify

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from two entrepreneurs who built a business where their customers help them source raw materials for their products, becoming their business partners in the process.

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Published 11 hours ago • Duration: 48 minutes

617: Ad Monetization on Google Play with Jonathan Raveh

from - App Marketing, Business & Promotion with Steve P. Young
by - App Marketing, Business & Promotion with Steve P. Young

Want to know how to increase ad revenue on Google Play? Well today's guest shares how to run non-intrusive native ads on your Android app. Also, you will discover how to increase in-app purchases on Google Play (where no one buys), the ad meditation tool of his choice and a cool little ASO trick tha...

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Published 11 hours ago • Duration: 31 minutes

SE-Radio Episode 315: Jeroen Janssens on Tools for Data Science

from Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers
by SE-Radio Team

Felienne interviews Jeroen Janssens on Data Science. They examine what data science is exactly, particularly exploring how it differs from machine learning and statistics. The episode further considers what skills people need to be great data scientists – skills that are related but not always equal...

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Published 13 hours ago • Duration: 53 minutes

Flutter with Tim Sneath and Adam Barth

from .NET Rocks!
by Carl Franklin

Still exploring options for cross-platform mobile development? Carl and Richard talk to Tim Sneath and Adam Barth about Google's Flutter - using the Dart language to build mobile applications that compile to iOS and Android. Tim has only recently joined Google but has dived head-first into this new...

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Published 15 hours ago • Duration: 42 minutes

Server Applications with Ara Pulido

from The Women in Tech Show
by Edaena Salinas

As applications continue to move to the cloud, it is important to have systems that are easy to use and accessible to more people. This is what Bitnami is doing. Bitnami simplifies the process by managing a catalog of ready-to-run server applications, among other things. Ara Pulido, Engineering Mana...

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Published 16 hours ago

73. Clean Architecture – Keeping Your Options Open

from Coding Blocks - Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers
by Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw, Joe Zack : Software Developers

Joe drinks too much coffee, Allen spits his coffee out, and Michael feels vindicated as the discussions about Robert C. Martin's latest book, Clean Architecture, continues.

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Published 16 hours ago • Duration: 2 hours, 19 minutes

The PowerShell Play | CR 293

from Coder Radio MP3

Mike and Chris review predictions from years past & check on how well they’ve aged. Plus we take a look at Microsoft’s big picture strategy with .Net & now PowerShell for every system.

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Published 18 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes

Heartbeat, Fastest Growing Audience Of Millennial Women In The World: LA Tech Startup Spotlight - Kate Edwards

from WeAreLATech LA Startups Podcast
by Espree Devora, spotlighting Silicon Beach tech companies

Today we are spotlighting Kate Edwards of Heartbeat. Heartbeat is the fastest growing audience of millennial women in the world, and the first to empower real women with amazing products and offers. Get your very own WeAreLATech tee at Connect with us at

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 22 minutes

Liat Sade-Sternberg of, Fuse Your Reality!: Women in Tech Los Angeles

from Women in Tech Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora
by Espree Devora

Today we get to know Liat Sade-Sternberg of With you can integrate yourself within fun videos and star side by side with your favorite characters & performers, with content updating daily on dozens of categories. This episode is powered by, UpGuard's discovery engine bri...

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Published 23 hours ago • Duration: 25 minutes

a16z Podcast: Beyond CES: Connected Home Devices, Voice, and More

from a16z
by a16z

In this hallway conversation of the a16z Podcast, Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky discuss CES 2018 and share insight on what they took from this year's show. How much can you discern each company's "big picture" strategy out of the slew of new products, press releases, and announcements that floo...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 33 minutes

Open source sustainability and FOSSKit with Pablo Rivera

from The 6 Figure Developer Podcast
by The 6 Figure Developer

  Pablo Rivera is an accomplished software engineer who works for one of the top five consulting firms in the US. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur, having owned and operated multiple businesses. Pablo is now focused on leveraging his technical and businesses skills to help open source p...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 31 minutes

cityCURRENT Radio Show: Sacred Heart Southern Missions

from cityCURRENT Radio Show
by Jeremy C. Park

Sacred Heart Southern Missions staffs and funds the programs and work of two Catholic elementary schools providing a proven path out of poverty for more than 550 children, eight Catholic social service offices serving over 3000 families each month, including the only ministry in the area to HIV/AIDS...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 16 minutes

cityCURRENT Radio Show: Dave & Buster’s Memphis

from cityCURRENT Radio Show
by Jeremy C. Park

GRAND OPENING HAS CHANGED TO FEB 12TH At Dave & Buster's you can play hundreds of the hottest new arcade games in their Million Dollar Midway and win tickets for epic prizes. Try their mouth-watering, chef-crafted creations in the American restaurant. Watch your team on one of their massive HDTVs...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 15 minutes