Interview with Sara Golemon

from Voices of the ElePHPant
by Cal Evans

SaraMG Audio Show Notes * PHP 7.2 Alpha 2 * Test your application using PHP 7.2

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Published 1 hour ago • Duration: 28 minutes

John Chapin - Cognicast Episode 127

from Audio - Cognitect Blog
by Cognitect, Inc.

In this episode, we talk to John Chapin about housesitting around the world, jazz music and serverless technology. 

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Published 2 hours ago

Design Systems Revisted

from Toolsday
by Una Kravets and Chris Dhanaraj

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Published 3 hours ago • Duration: 31 minutes

Episode 92: JSON and The Argonauts

from /dev/hell
by Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler

“…and that’s why this podcast is rated M for mature” Chris and Ed talk about their thoughts on what might have to change once you become “internet famous” and a reminder that even if you have made mistakes in the past, you can choose to correct them in the futur...

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Published 3 hours ago

#1464 How this Mixergy listener launched a company that made over $1M the first year

from Mixergy - Startup Stories with 1000+ entrepreneurs and businesses
by Andrew Warner

How did a Mixergy listener launch his company and generate over $1M in revenue the first year? Justin Hartzman is the the founder of Needls, a robo social media advertising agency that creates 50 – 500 ads in real time and posts the ads for your business. Needls was launched in April 2016 and...

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Published 4 hours ago

204: Happy Online Darkness (feat. Morgane Santos)

from Design Details
by Spec

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Published 5 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes

You Are Your Code

from The Laracasts Snippet
by Jeffrey Way

In the development world, you'll frequently hear the phrase "you are not your code." At its core, this is very good advice, however, too often it is used as an excuse to publicly belittle your peers.

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Published 5 hours ago • Duration: 13 minutes

Gone Mobile 52: Mobile-Powered Baseball Scouting with Jeremy Raadt

from Gone Mobile Podcast
by Greg Shackles, Jonathan Dick

Some jobs are just mobile by definition, such as talent scouts for baseball teams. The Minnesota Twins organization recently decided to embrace this and built a new mobile app experience for their scouts to help make their jobs easier and allow for greater collaboration and coordination across the t...

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Published 5 hours ago • Duration: 40 minutes

The Untold Story of [Part 1] - This New Economy

by Startup

The year was 1992. The location… Cleveland, Ohio. The birthplace of online commerce. That’s right. Cleveland Ohio. Not Silicon Valley, Not San Francisco. Not even Seattle Washington. This is the story of, the internet’s very first e-commerce store, its founder, Charlie Stack, a lawyer-turn...

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Published 7 hours ago • Duration: 30 minutes

Baby Announcement

from Developer Tea
by Spec

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Published 8 hours ago • Duration: 2 minutes

Linux Kernel Governance with Greg Kroah-Hartman

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

The code in the Linux kernel changes all the time–11k lines are added, 5.8k lines are removed, and 2k lines are modified DAILY. Linux is an open source operating system that has been worked on for 25 years, and one reason the project is able to move so fast is its governance and release structure. G...

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Published 8 hours ago • Duration: 57 minutes

#020 – Building a Million Dollar Mailing List with Scott of Scott's Cheap Flights

from The Indie Hackers Podcast: How Developers are Bootstrapping, Marketing, and Growing Their Online Businesses
by Courtland Allen: Full-Stack Developer, Designer, Marketer, MIT Grad, and Y Combinator Alum

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Published 9 hours ago • Duration: 56 minutes

The Most Cost Effective App Marketing Strategies

from - App Marketing, Business & Promotion with Steve P. Young
by - App Marketing, Business & Promotion with Steve P. Young

You are going to discover the most effective app marketing strategies to boost your downloads. See full infographic: Get exclusive launch pricing on the new App Masters Academy:

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Published 10 hours ago • Duration: 17 minutes

How a Photography Blog Went Viral with a Strategy You Can Copy

from Content marketing case studies you can actually use.
by Glen Allsopp / ViperChill

With millions of budding photographers around the world, it shouldn’t be too surprising that some blogs on the topic reach a lot of people. What may surprise you is that when one of them blogged about food, it took the web by storm.

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Published 11 hours ago • Duration: 6 minutes

116: A More "WALL-E" Future

from The Bike Shed
by thoughtbot

Amanda is joined by SF thoughtbot developers Tony, Josh, & Greg to discuss learning new languages (and whether developers should do that in their free time), machine learning, the future of AR/VR, and tech that strives to make a social difference.

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Published 13 hours ago • Duration: 36 minutes

SN 618: Research: Useful and Otherwise

from Security Now (MP3)
by TWiT

This week we discuss another terrific NIST initiative, RSA crypto in a quantum computing world, Cisco's specious malware detection claims, the meaning of post-audit OpenVPN bug findings, worrisome bugs revealed in Intel's recent Skylake and KabyLake processors, the commercialization of a malware t...

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Published 16 hours ago • Duration: 2 hours, 1 minute

Tupperware Party With Jérôme Petazzoni, Mark Heckler, And Jennifer Heckler - ADO89

from Arrested DevOps
by Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, and Bridget Kromhout

Bridget and Matt chat with Jérôme Petazzoni (Docker), Mark Heckler (Pivotal), and Jennifer Heckler (Edward Jones).

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Published 16 hours ago • Duration: 50 minutes

Risky Business #459 -- Actually yes, "cyber war" is real for Ukraine

from Risky Business
by Patrick Gray

This week we’ll be chatting with Andy Greenberg from Wired about his cover story for that magazine. He travelled to Ukraine back in March to research his story on Russian attacks against the Ukrainian power network. He joins us this week to share the insights he gleane...

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Published 17 hours ago

SE-Radio Episode 295: Michael Feathers on Legacy Code

from Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers
by SE-Radio Team

Felienne talks with Michael Feathers about Legacy Code. When is something legacy? Is working on legacy different from working on greenfield code? Do developers need different skills and techniques? Testing legacy code. How to test a legacy system? When do we have enough tests to feel safe to start c...

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Published 19 hours ago • Duration: 58 minutes

E742: Stockholm Startup Showcase with Tyler Crowley: Tictail connects world’s best designers; FishBrain levels up fishing with data; Simris pioneers agribusiness with algae; Venue crowdsources live music experiences

from This Week in Startups - Audio

Something has happened in the past decade, which is very unique. The world has gotten smaller, and entrepreneurship has spread across globe. When we look at the breakout successes in the tech space, it was rare to see huge breakout success anywhere outside of Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York. A...

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Published 21 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 22 minutes

Preventing Developer Stress

from Developing Up
by Mike Miles, Jake Rainis

Some stress helps provide a sense of urgency in development. However, too much stress can degrade your work. In this episode we discuss some common causes of development stress and ways you can prevent them. Show notes for this episode can be found at

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 29 minutes

Episode 132: Usability Made Easy with Steve Krug

from The Agile Revolution
by The Agile Revolution

Tony, Craig and Renee are at Agile Australia and catch up with Steve Krug and talk usability and along the way try to figure out whether Tony is lean, agile or just old… “Don’t Make Me Think” book, now in 3rd edition Agile Australia keynote “You’re not doing usability testing? Are...

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Published 1 day ago

Michael & Brian from HowDoWe?

from Past Radio Shows - Building The Future
by Kevin Horek - Building The Future Radio Show

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Published 1 day ago

#136: Drew Conley

from CodePen Radio
by CodePen Radio

Drew Conley created an RPG right inside CodePen! Today he talks with Marie and Tim Holman about how he built it (with React), basing it around his own life experiences, and what the future holds for The Danger Crew.

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 28 minutes