100: Episode 100 - Listener questions

from Fragmented - Android Developer Podcast
by Spec

This is the 100th episode of Fragmented. We do things a little differently for our 100th episode and field a bunch of listener questions that came in. We're going a little meta and talking about our experience starting Fragmented, our process, how we pick guests and topics, our setups, our favorite...

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Published 1 hour ago • Duration: 1 hour, 18 minutes

S4 E2: Juggling Creativity - A Day in the Life with Ashley

from Chasing Creative
by Ashley Brooks and Abbigail Kriebs

In this episode, we’re jumping into a day in the life with Ashley as she juggles the urge to be creative with freelance work and being home all day with her two young kids. Key takeaways include starting the day with a peaceful morning and planning to make good use of your most unproductive time of...

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Published 1 hour ago • Duration: 27 minutes

Survey Raking

from Linear Digressions
by Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone

It's quite common for survey respondents not to be representative of the larger population from which they are drawn. But if you're a researcher, you need to study the larger population using data from your survey respondents, so what should you do? Reweighting the survey data, so that things like...

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Published 3 hours ago • Duration: 17 minutes

a16z Podcast: Revenge of the Algorithms (Over Data)... Go! No?

from a16z
by a16z

There are many reasons why we’re in an “A.I. spring” after multiple “A.I. winters” — but how then do we tease apart what’s real vs. what’s hype when it comes to the (legitimate!) excitement about artificial intelligence and machine learning? Especially when it comes to the latest story of computers...

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Published 4 hours ago • Duration: 40 minutes

Episode 68. Clouding it up with Microsoft Service Fabric

from Java Pub House
by Freddy Guime & Bob Paulin

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Published 6 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes

Episode 28: Nuts and Bolts

from Dads In Development
by David Hemphill & Andrew Del Prete

Andrew talks the birds and bees with his oldest son, Engineering Retreat, and recent launch of his Promises and Async series. David talks going primitive with Laravel and Vue.

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Published 12 hours ago • Duration: 43 minutes

175: Blockchain Application Testing with Rhian Lewis

from TestTalks | Automation Awesomeness | Helping YOU Succeed with Test Automation
by Test Automation with Joe Colantonio. Test Talks covers Selenium, SoapUI, UFT, LoadRunner, BDD, test news, book reviews , interviews thought leaders in the test automation field, and more!

Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of t...

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Published 18 hours ago • Duration: 37 minutes

Get out and meet people - Infographics Designer Caroline Beavon

from Being Freelance
by Being Freelance - A podcast with freelancers by freelancer Steve Folland

Redundancy isn't the end. It's a new beginning. For Caroline that meant retuning and retraining from radio to design. Key to surviving both business and relocation has been Caroline's ability to get out there and meet people. Not networking. It's meeting people. One person can make a difference.

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 35 minutes

Convoy of Hope’s ED of Integrated Marketing Talks Excellence in Leadership

from The Classy Podcast
by Classy

From selling cars for about a decade, to launching and running a couple publicly traded companies, to stepping into his current role as Executive Director of Integrated Marketing and feedONE at Convoy of Hope, Jeff Roman has cultivated a rich history of diverse leadership experience. Over the years,...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 58 minutes

Pavemint, Find Parking When You Need It, Earn Money When You Don’t: LA Tech Startup Spotlight - Sarah Zurell

from WeAreLATech LA Startups Podcast
by Espree Devora, spotlighting Silicon Beach tech companies

Today we are spotlighting Sarah Zurell of Pavemint. Pavemint is an app that allows people to share their parking spaces. This episode is powered by Refill Fuel, https://www.refillfuel.com/ (use promo code “wearelatech”) a concierge gas service that helps you and your employees save time and money th...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 21 minutes

Ava Lynn of StarSpace46, OKC's Premier Entrepreneurial & Technology CoWorking Hub: Women in Tech Oklahoma

from Women in Tech Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora
by Espree Devora

Today we get to know Ava Lynn of StarSpace46. StarSpace46 is OKC's premier entrepreneurial & technology coworking hub. This episode is powered by the KIA Niro, https://www.kia.com/us/en/vehicle/niro/2017 A Smarter Kind of Crossover. Connect with us at womenintechshow.com. Tweet @womenintechshow and...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 19 minutes


from Twenty Percent Time
by Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio

Okay so here's the thing. We already recorded this episode. This is version 2.

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 39 minutes

Season 2, Ep. 9: Using VR to Reverse Alzheimer’s with Jacob Hamman, Founder of Zenjoi

from The Boost VC Podcast
by Adam Draper

Jacob Hamman graduated from USC with a degree in architecture, where he honed his aptitude for design thinking and creative problem-solving. After seven years with the prestigious Los Angeles firm, Gehry Partners, Jacob pursued a master’s in design studies and technology with a focus on virtual real...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 14 minutes

Episode 301: I Was A Little Exhausted

from Core Intuition
by Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece

Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel's switch from PayPal to Stripe and choosing which version of macOS to require for our apps. Manton catches us up on his time at the Release Notes conference, and the two reflect upon Twitter's latest troubles.

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 54 minutes

#1511 Born in Belarus, now building software in San Francisco

from Mixergy - Startup Stories with 1000+ entrepreneurs and businesses
by Andrew Warner

Today’s guest used to sell berries and now he sells software. Mikita Mikado is the founder of Pandadoc, an all-in-one solution to automate your contracts, proposals, quotes and more. I invited him here to talk about how he started and grew his business. Mikita Mikado is the founder of Pandadoc, an a...

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Published 2 days ago

Interview with Alan Seiden

from Voices of the ElePHPant
by Cal Evans

alanseiden Audio Show Notes * ZendCon 2017 talk – PHP AND DB2 IN DEPTH * ZendCon 2017 talk – BRING RPG/COBOL BUSINESS LOGIC TO THE WEB WITH THE PHP TOOLKIT * ZendCon 2017 talk – MAKE YOUR IBM I SIZZLE WITH WORDPRESS * ZendCon 2017

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 15 minutes

Smart Contract Security with Emin Gün Sirer

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

A smart contract is a program that allows for financial transactions. Smart contracts are usually associated with the Ethereum platform, which has a language called Solidity that makes it easy to program smart contracts. Someday, we will have smart contracts issuing insurance, processing legal claim...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes


from Work in Progress
by info@pacific-content.com

A reporter does her first remote live radio broadcast from inside a block of ice, a celebrity impersonator's first international trip teaches her what it really means to be “Big in Japan”, and a Japanese translator leaves her family for the first time only to get shipwrecked on a movie set shot in t...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 25 minutes

Interview w/ Kristen Gallagher (Part 2)

from Developer Tea
by Spec

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 30 minutes

The Cloudcast #317 - The State of the Serverless Ecosystem

from The Cloudcast (.net) - Weekly Cloud Computing Podcast
by Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely

Brian talks with Ryan Brown (@ryan_sb, Sr. Software Engineer @Ansible, Author of ServerlessCode) about the overall state of the Serverless community after the recent ServerlessConf 2017 NYC, the breadth of focus areas for developers and business, the ways to integrate serverless into existing applic...

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 38 minutes

Web Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

from Hanselminutes
by Scott Hanselman

Rachel Nabors is a cartoonist, artist, and web developer and web animation expert. Her new book "Animation at Work" isn't just a book on HOW to use animation - it's a book on WHY to use it. By understanding the human visual processing system, you can design delightful animation that works to ease co...

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Published 3 days ago • Duration: 33 minutes

Grace Hopper Conference with Gina Stephens

from CppCast
by Rob Irving and Jason Turner

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Published 3 days ago • Duration: 42 minutes

Episode 32 - Mgmt Failure or Dev Failure

from Larachat Live
by Shawn Mayzes

Failures happen in tech, who is responsible? Management or Development?

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Published 3 days ago • Duration: 58 minutes