Episode 68: Koho Goes Live

from Vancouver Tech Podcast
by Drew Ogryzek

Published 20 March 2017 (1 year ago) • Duration: 13 minutes

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Drew, Morgan


Host Drew Ogryzek opens the show with some special mentions and giveaways! Scott Bellware presents a Ruby Microservices workshop in Vancouver, April 29th and 30th: Retweet https://goo.gl/dTue29 with @vantechpodcast to be entered into a draw for a free ticket!

There's also an Intro to Virtual Reality Workshop brought to us by Design Lab. Tweet your most pressing VR question, along with http://designlablive.com/vr-workshop @vantechpodcast @deisgnlablive for a chance at a free general enrollment seat.

BC Tech Summit comes to a close, the Vancouver-based fin-tech company Koho launches to public in Canada.

Ogryzek takes an introspective look into cross-team pairing in a technology focused work environment, encouraging developers to pair with other developers and even members of QA or Product Management to ensure a higher quality of code craftsmanship, product understanding, and business value. Further, he suggests technology workers communicate openings available on their teams to peers and former colleagues with whom they have enjoyed collaborating.

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