Hippomocks and cpp-dependencies with Peter Bindels

from CppCast
by Rob Irving and Jason Turner

Published 21 April 2017 (1 year ago) • Duration: 49 minutes

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Rob and Jason are joined by Peter Bindels to discuss the Hippomocks mocking library and the cpp-dependencies  analyzer.

Peter Bindels is a C++ software engineer who prides himself on writing code that is easy to use, easy to work with and well-readable to anybody familiar with the language. He's worked for a contractor for a few years and then made the switch to work at Tomtom, where he's been working on various parts of the software chain, last of which was a major cleanup in the navigation code base. In doing so he developed a tool to determine, check and improve dependencies between components, which allows quicker structural insight in complicated systems. He also created HippoMocks in 2008, one of the first full fledged C++ mocking frameworks that is still a relevant choice today. He has given two talks at Meeting C++ 2016 and will be giving his third talk, on Mocking in C++, at CppNow 2017.


Peter Bindels