S4E7: How to Become a Software Engineer at Amazon and Volunteer on the Side With Christine Chapman

from Learn to Code With Me
by Laurence Bradford

In today’s episode I talk with Christine Chapman, a software engineer at Audible. We chat about what it’s like interviewing at Amazon, giving back to the community with your tech skills, and much more.

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Published 11 hours ago • Duration: 36 minutes

RR 340: Strings and Encodings in Ruby with Aaron Lasseigne

from All Ruby Podcasts by Devchat.tv
by Devchat.tv

Panel: Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura Eric Berry David Richards In this episode, the Ruby Rogues panel discuss Strings and Encodings in Ruby with Aaron Lasseigne. Aaron has been a Ruby developer for over a decade and is the author of Mastering Ruby: Strings and Encodings. Also, Aaron talks about...

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Published 12 hours ago • Duration: 54 minutes

Cloud Marketplace with Zack Bloom

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

Ten years ago, if you wanted to build software, you probably needed to know how to write code. Today, the line between “technical” and “non-technical” people is blurring. Website designers can make a living building sites for people on WordPress or Squarespace–without knowing how to write code. Sale...

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Published 13 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes

SE-Radio Episode 312: Sachin Gadre on the Internet of Things

from Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers
by SE-Radio Team

Edaena Salinas talks with Sachin Gadre about the internet of things (IoT). What is IoT? What is the architecture of an IoT application? Sachin walks through a series of example to show how IoT applications are used and how they are built. Topics include: internet of things, data sources, and securit...

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Published 16 hours ago

Implementing DevOps at Microsoft with Lori Lamkin

from .NET Rocks!
by Carl Franklin

What does it take to implement a DevOps practice at Microsoft? While at Connect in New York, Carl and Richard talked to Lori Lamkin about the efforts of the VSTS team to deliver more value to customers faster. Lori talks about changing the tempo of deployment for TFS from 24 months to three weeks an...

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Published 19 hours ago • Duration: 50 minutes

Developer Advocacy with Bear Douglas

from The Women in Tech Show
by Edaena Salinas

Developer communities play an important role in product development. We learn from each other in developer communities and we help shape the development of the product. Bear Douglas, Developer Advocacy Lead at Slack, explains what a developer advocate is. We talked about her experience as a develope...

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Published 20 hours ago

You Need a Barb | CR 287

from Coder Radio MP3
by chris@jupiterbroadcasting.com

Mike shares some recent lessons he’s learned trying to scale his team, some tools they tried & the processes that have stuck. But first we kick it off with some of your feedback, a bit of Hoopla & wrap it up with a quick touch on hardware.

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Published 22 hours ago • Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute

Git at Enterprise Scale: (Part 3) An Introduction to GVFS and Why You Should Use It

from DevRadio (Audio) - Channel 9
by Microsoft

Git struggles to handle enterprise-scale repositories. Operations like cloning will slow to a crawl when you have millions of files in a repository, and even something as simple as getting your repository status will leave you waiting. The Git Virtual File System (GVFS) is an open source system that...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 52 minutes

3X3: Fallacies to Avoid as a Developer

from Developer Tea
by Spec

It's 3X3 Week! All week we'll be covering three tips to make you a stronger developer. Today's episode we cover three biases that you need to protect yourself from as a developer.

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 25 minutes

Scalable Multiplayer Games with Yan Cui

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

Remember when the best game you could play on your phone was Snake? In 1998, Snake was preloaded on Nokia phones, and it was massively popular. That same year Half-Life won game of the year on PC. Metal Gear Solid came out for Playstation. The first version of Starcraft also came out in 1998. In 199...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Episode 75: The Hello World of Video Production

from Merge Conflict
by Frank Krueger & James Montemagno

Have you ever thought about coding to a live audience? How about producing video content such as How-To guides? We discuss what goes into this long process, what equipment is needed, and several tips and tricks on this weeks pod. Follow Us Frank: Twitter, Blog, GitHub James: Twitter, Blog,...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 41 minutes

71. Clean Architecture – Components and Component Cohesion

from Coding Blocks - Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers
by Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw, Joe Zack : Software Developers

Joe is down with OCP, Michael argues DRY, and Allen deletes our show notes as we dig into Components and Component Cohesion from Robert C. Martin's (aka Uncle Bob) Clean Architecture.

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Episode 294 | Reid Evans - Connected Mindset

from Developer On Fire
by Dave Rael

Guest: Reid Evans @ReidNEvans Reid Evans talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking and organizing, balancing priorities, functional programming, habits, encouragement, accountability, and mindset...

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Published 1 day ago • Duration: 48 minutes

S2:E7 - How to get started in Augmented Reality (Zach Lieberman, Molmol Kuo)

from CodeNewbie
by CodeNewbie

Molmol and Zach, the wife and husband coding team, give us a solid intro to Augmented Reality and how they've built powerful experiences and beautiful stories using AR tools.

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Published 2 days ago • Duration: 43 minutes

Collateral User Damage | CR 286

from Coder Radio MP3
by chris@jupiterbroadcasting.com

A new breed of platform wars is brewing, and developers and users are on the losing side more than ever. Plus Mike updates us on his recent NYC trip, a batch of your feedback, an app pick & more!

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Published 3 days ago • Duration: 54 minutes

DevOps: Scaling Out or Scaling Up?

from It Depends
by Clear Function

On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, and Mo embark on the final episode in our DevOps series. Specifically, the topic is scaling to handle additional load for a site in production. Do you handle the traffic by buying more servers or by growing existing servers?

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 30 minutes

Interview with Joshua Aziz (Part 2)

from Developer Tea
by Spec

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 30 minutes

Decentralized Objects with Martin Kleppman

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

The Internet was designed as a decentralized system. Theoretically, if Alice wants to send an email to Bob, she can set up an email client on her computer and send that email to Bob’s email server on his computer. In reality, very few people run their own email servers. We all send our emails to cen...

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

C++ Tour, Compilers and FASTBuild with Arvid Gerstmann

from CppCast
by Rob Irving and Jason Turner

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 58 minutes

Progressive Web Apps with Tara Manicsic

from Hanselminutes
by Scott Hanselman

Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps! Does your app work offline or in low-bandwidth situations? What are the best practices that you can add in to your existing websites that would progressively turn them into a PWA?

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 32 minutes

Fast Data with Dean Wampler

from The InfoQ Podcast
by InfoQ

In this podcast, Deam Wampler discusses fast data, streaming, microservices, and the paradox of choice when it comes to the options available today building data pipelines. Why listen to this podcast: * Apache Beam is fast becoming the de-facto standard API for stream processing * Spark is great f...

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Published 4 days ago • Duration: 29 minutes

Serverless Applications with Randall Hunt

from Software Engineering Daily
by Software Engineering Daily

Developers can build networked applications today without having to deploy their code to a server. These “serverless” applications are constructed from managed services and functions-as-a-service. Managed services are cloud offerings like database-as-a-service, queueing-as-a-service, or search-as-a-...

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Published 5 days ago • Duration: 46 minutes

#141 Python tricks

from Talk Python To Me - Python conversations for passionate developers
by Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy)

How many Python developers do you know that learned Python quickly but then plateaued pretty quickly as well. Maybe this is someone you worked with or maybe it's even you. Python's clean and simple syntax can mean it's easy to learn but hard to master.

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Published 5 days ago • Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes

DateTime Part 1: History of Time History of Time

from Complete Developer Podcast
by BJ Burns and Will Gant

Time is a complex subject and is heavily tied into our understanding of the universe. It has driven a lot more technological change and social change than you might think. Time is tricky to manage, but not bad, until you realize what's sitting atop this concept. In addition to distance and direction...

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Published 5 days ago • Duration: 48 minutes